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Butlerian Jihad – Campaign

Butlerian Jihad 01

Butlerian Jihad 02

Butlerian Jihad 03

Mod Type: Custom Campaign

Author: Cm_Blast

The three houses have been using an IA to help them to manage the war in Arrakis. For a unknown reason the vehicles, controlled by a IA, start to fight against their master. Can the houses discover what is happening before is too late? Note: The player will have the control of the Atreides, Ordos or Harkonnen depending of the mission. The briefing will say clearly who you are going to control for the current level.

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Download Butlerian Jihad 1.1 (681 downloads)


Smugglers – Mini Campaign

Smugglers 01

Smugglers 02

Smugglers 03

Mod Type: Custom Campaign

Author: Cm_Blast

In this campaign you will be part as a group of men, considered as neutrals in the war of Dune, who travel to the desert planet searching the most valuable material in all the universe: the spice melange. Even though the smugglers are neutral they are not exempt from having to deal with multiple dangers. Note: This campaign only features 4 missions.

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Download Smugglers - Mini Campaign 1.1 (636 downloads)

The Spacing Guild

Spacing Guild 01

Spacing Guild 02

Spacing Guild 03

Mod Type: Custom Campaign

Author: Cm_Blast

The great Houses owe the spacing guild lots of money for using their services
and transporting units to Dune. Some have not yet paid, so your first task is to
collect all the money they owe to the spacing Guild.

Meanwhile the spacing Guild has been secretly plotting, their plan will soon be
revealed to you.

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Download Spacing Guild 1.1 (940 downloads)

Mercenary Campaign – Keep ’em Coming!


Mod Type: Complete campaign replacement (Ordos, bonus: Atreides)

Author: [aKa]FedaYkin

Feature Set:

  • This campaign 100% from scratch, allowing you to play for the first time as the Mercenaries!
  • INFO: You take the role of a Mercenary Commander , who receives orders from a leader. Depending the House who pays us for, we change sides.
  • Featuring two new sides, never before seen in Dune 2000: House IX and the Spacing Guild
  • Bonus includes the Atreides Campaign also by [aKa]FedaYkin as well as the Mission Select mod by mvi and the Sub Houses fix by CCHyper and mvi.

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Download Mercenary Campaign - Keep 'em Coming! (4796 downloads)

Atreides – Battle for Dune

Mod Type: Complete campaign replacement (Atreides)

Author: [aKa]FedaYkin & Iheb96


Feature Set:

  • This campaign is an original one, there are no remakes of original Atreides missions.
  • INFO: You control the noble House Atreides and trying to form alliances that will help you to conquer Arrakis. The missions have multiple type of objectives.
  • Installation readme included.

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Download Atreides - Battle for Dune (3602 downloads)

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