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Mulciber Valley Mod


Mod Type: Single mission replacement (Atreides 1V1)

Author: MVI


The Harkonnen have built a new death hand missile base. The main entrance to the base is protected by continuous detonations of death hand missiles. Use infantry, enter the secondary infantry entrance and destroy the Harkonnen outpost that is guiding the missiles. Once the enemy outpost is destroyed the way will be opened for our forces to smash the Harkonnens. Note, the infantry entrance is well guarded and is in close proximity to a secondary Harkonnen base.

Mission Success Requirements:

Destroy all Harkonnen buildings and units.

To install:

Download and unzip the files, copy and replace A1V1.MAP and _A1V1.MIS in your Dune missions directory with the files from the zip.

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Download Mulciber Valley (1281 downloads)


pic_hammer (1)Mod Type: Mission Mod

Author: [aKa]FedaYkin

A special mission with a very different concept than most of other missions. It is a mod in a map. You take control of the Atreides base in the great war against House Harkonnen. You have a pre-constructed full base, without Construction Yards, so every building is important. Some units have different settings & names, make you you check the readme file for the changelog. New version with some other changes is being prepared.

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Download D2K_Hammerfest (1418 downloads)

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