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Mod Author: Cm_Blast
Special Skirmish

Special Skirmish 1 Special Skirmish 2 Special Skirmish 3

Mod Type: Mission Replacement

Author: Cm_Blast

“Special Skirmish” is a single map (is played as any other single map; not using “practice”, “Skirmish”, “online”,…) which the player is given a random objective (every time you start the game the player to defeat may change). As a regular practice/skirmish every player is given a MCV, 7000 credits and 10 units in a 5 tech battle with 6 players. The AI don’t have any advantage besides being allied each other. Note: For this single map a “Colour.bin” file is include. Overwrite the original to swap the palettes, making the Harkonnen being blue, the ordos Purple… (thus this way feels like an original practice map). read my “warning.txt” file for more information.

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Download Special Skirmish (670 downloads)

Tleilaxu Plague

Tleilaxu Plague 2 Tleilaxu Plague 3 Tleilaxu Plague 1

Mod Type: Modded Mission

Author: Cm_Blast

The Tleilaxu, with the Spacing Guild help, arrives to arrakis to dominate through their specialty: The Ghola (clones from dead people who keep their memories and any skill or training they had when were still alive). The Emperor tried to fight them sending Sardaukar before, but fail. Now, he has another chance, helped by the weapons of every single faction in Arrakis. Using this combined Army the Emperor hopes to stop the Ghola threat.

Download Updated to Version 1.1. Changes:

  • Fix: Due to a mistake, the enemies were not receiving replacements for their harvesters.

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Download Tleilaxu Plague (841 downloads)

The Emperor Returns

Emperor Return 0 Emperor Return 1 Emperor Return 2

Mod Type: Custom Campaign

Author: Cm_Blast

The Atreides have defeated both Harkonnen and Ordos. The Emperor will be defeated soon too. The only way to avoid this is evacuating the area and trying to survive the reckless hunt from the Atreides and Fremen. Warning: For this campaign I used TiBed, which modifies some things to the game like making the Sardaukar and the Imperial Palace buildable for the player. This changes will affect the whole game. Read the warning.txt and readme.txt to know how to preserve the original rules after finishing this campaign.

Update 1.1: In first level the airstrike was suppose to attack, but due a low priority to attack “Emperor Palace” the AI didn’t do so.

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Download The Emperor Returns (1424 downloads)

Anti-Fremen Campaign

AntiFremen 01

AntiFremen 02

AntiFremen 03

Mod Type: Custom Campaign

Author: Cm_Blast

The Harkonnen Were harvesting the spice without caring about anyone. One day they killed (without any remorse) some civilian Fremen. The Fremen swore a vendetta against the Harkonnen. Both Emperor and Harkonnen need to work together to defeat this new threat (choose Emperor from launcher). Note: This is a alternative version of the “Fremen Warriors” campaign, so instead playing with Fremen now you will be Harkonnen and the Emperor, reusing the same maps but modified to adapt to the new events.

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Download Anti-Fremen Campaign (800 downloads)

Fremen Warriors

Fremen 01

Fremen 02

Fremen 03

Mod Type: Custom Campaign

Author: Cm_Blast

The Fremen are proud warriors which live in the cruelty planet Arrakis. They don’t have knowledge about technology like the Major Houses, but they are skilled in close combat and masters of the ambushing, make them formidable warriors.

All was good until one day, because the greed of Harkonnen, raze a group of Fremen families without any remorse, forcing the Fremen to start retaliation and take part   in the war of Dune.

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Download Fremen Warriors (747 downloads)

Butlerian Jihad – Campaign

Butlerian Jihad 01

Butlerian Jihad 02

Butlerian Jihad 03

Mod Type: Custom Campaign

Author: Cm_Blast

The three houses have been using an IA to help them to manage the war in Arrakis. For a unknown reason the vehicles, controlled by a IA, start to fight against their master. Can the houses discover what is happening before is too late? Note: The player will have the control of the Atreides, Ordos or Harkonnen depending of the mission. The briefing will say clearly who you are going to control for the current level.

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Download Butlerian Jihad 1.1 (782 downloads)


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