November 23rd 2015 - Server Changes

MVI has announced that due to personal commitments, he will no longer be able to operate the site. Upon hearing this, I offered to host and maintain the site. If you are reading this, it means we have successfully transitioned to the new server infrastructure. There may be a few hiccups for the first few days, but I plan on updating and modernizing D2K+ to make it better and more accessible than ever before! Keep your eyes peeled for news to come.

I'd like to thank MVI for his contribution and welcome him to return when he finds the time. In the 6 years we have been working together we had a lot of fun, I couldn't ask for a better partner in running the site.

Posted by gruntlord6 27 July 2015 - Map and Mission Editor by Klofkac

Version 1.0 of the Map and Mission Editor has been released by Klofkac. Now you can create and edit mission scenarios in a single program without any hassle! The program also has full support for .ini files that were introduced in the latest CnCNet patch.

Click here to download the editor

Posted by gruntlord6 06 September 2014 - Build Queues Patch

I'm pleased to release Version 1 of the Build Queues Patch. This patch introduces queuing for units when you're already building a unit from that building. So if you click light infantry 5 times then 5 troopers it will build all 10 of them sequentially. This patch works for both single player modes (campaign and practice).

Click here to download the patch

Posted by mvi 18 July 2014 - New Ordos Campaign

Magier has released a new complete campaign for House Ordos, with an original story and in game briefings. The mod also supports both English and German versions of the game.

Click here to see the Ordos Campaign

I've also added the original 1.06 patch to the D2K+ site, so you can now download that directly from here.

Click here to see the Official 1.06 Patch

Posted by mvi 6 May 2014 - D2kx Memory Tool and Skirmish Campaign

D2k Sardaukar has released an exciting new tool for Dune 2000, which allows to create hotkeys to change spice, jump between players and even set up cool triggers like giving your ally spice if they get below a certain value.

Click here to see the D2kx tool

[aKa]FedaYkin has released a challenging skirmish style mission based on Habbanya Erg, designed for more experienced players seeking a new challenge.

Click here to see the Skirmish mod

Posted by mvi 11 Mar 2014 - Dune 2000 Debug Menu

I am very proud to announce the release of my new menu mod to D2K+! The "Debug Menu" is a powerful mod that adds the ability for mission designers to test the missions they create more efficiently. The best feature is the ability to switch houses during gameplay, but there is also the ability to change other settings during gameplay that you normally do not have access to.

Click here to see screenshots and download the mod!

Posted by gruntlord6

02 Feb 2014 - Playing Dune 2000 online, VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE

There is a very important update on how to play Dune 2000 online. We no longer use LAN, instead we got our own Dune 2000 Online server, running through WOL (Westwood Online). Also, you no longer need to worry about installing and configuring Dune and/or hamachi, there is an automatic installation program which will handle EVERYTHING for you, letting you only with the job to open the game and connect to the server! The WOL server is superior to LAN is many ways, including the connection speed, the fact that it has ladders, the fact you can page people ingame etc. Please click HERE and read the guide again, it has been updated. Meet you all on the server guys!

Posted by [aKa]FedaYkin 28 Dec 2013 - Playing Dune 2000 online, strategies, build orders and more

Feda has created a guide about setting up Dune 2000 for multiplayer. Make sure you check it out if you want to play Dune with other people online! Multiplayer guide

Also, we provide you a very useful collection of tactics, strategies, build orders and tips for multiplayer, which will allow you to improve fast. Make sure you check them out HERE !

Any questions? Have a look at the Muliplayer FAQ

Posted by [aKa]FedaYkin 1 Dec 2013 - High Resolution Patch 1.4.1 The latest version of the High Resolution Patch has been added to D2K+. Version 1.4.1 adds acceptable support for Dune 2000's 8-bit mode.

High Resolution Patch 1.4.1

Posted by mvi 30 Nov 2013 - How to play Dune 2000 Online [aKa]FedaYkin from the D2K+ Staff has uploaded 2 tutorials which cover the 2 methods of playing Dune 2000 online in 2013. If you were wondering how to play Dune 2000 on multiplayer, then make sure you check these 2 tutorials, they contain instructions about everything you need. It is recommended to watch the Hamachi tutorial first as that is the most reliable and popular method of playing Dune online.

How to play Dune 2000 Online using LogMeIn Hamachi - Watch this first for easier understanding
How to play Dune 2000 Online using Tunngle - Secondary method, not that popular as first

Posted by [aKa]FedaYkin 17 Oct 2013 - Custom Campaign Creation Tutorial Preview

As part of Gruntlord6's work on his mod Rise of the Mercenaries, he is writing a modding guide to help explain how to make the most of the tools that are now available. The full guide will be included with Rise of the Mercenaries when it's released next year, however Gruntlord6 has sent us a preview of the first part of the guide. The preview outlines what will be in the full guide and includes the first two sections: mod planning and map design. The full guide will also include: How to create and edit Mission Scenarios (.mis files), how to create custom menus, how to load a custom mission without overwriting existing ones, how to create a mission briefing and packaging a mod to easily be installed and removed.

Download the guide.

Posted by mvi 28 Sep 2013 - Pre-Production Info (with Video and Art) Recently I asked Jason Redway, one of the artists on Dune 2000 to share his experiences of the Dune 2000 development process. Not only did he provide some really interesting information but he also sent pre-production artwork and promotional pitch video that Intelligent Games sent to Westwood.


Before we actually started production of D2K, we had to pitch the idea to Westwood Studios, many of the guys were playing C&C at the time and we had a reasonably good relationship with Westwood Management so we had a good chance but it was not a definite. We had to prove that we had the technology and the expertise to diversify into the RTS genre. Previously we had a 3D adventure game (Azreal's Tear), a golf game (PGA European Tour) and the recently completed Waterworld - this one was the closest that we had experience of combat strategy gaming.

Initial ideas were that we would use the 3D engine we had produced Azreal's Tear and the recently cancelled Dark Hermetic Order to create the first realtime 3D RTS. With this brief I was tasked to create a short atmosphere setting video that we would present to Westwood. I used 3DS Max 1.2 and created some environments, the lead art director (Richard Evans) produced some real-time units and buildings that we were going to use for a tech demo which I included in the video. During production of the video it was decided that the average home computer in 1998 would not be powerful enough to render a screen full of 3D and still be playable so the switch was made to pre-rendered isometric artwork. More units were produced in this fashion for the tech demo and I also used them for the video.

See the full article here (including unseen artwork and the original pitch video!)

Posted by mvi 21 Sep 2013 - OpenRA Release 20130915

OpenRA, the Open Source project that seeks to reimplement the Westwood 2D engine, has released another milestone that completes their D2K mod. The latest stable release reads the original file formats natively. The renderer now supports additive blending used for the translucent effects:

Download OpenRA for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
The D2K mod is included in the main distribution. Read more about OpenRA in the D2K+ modding wiki.

Here is a video made by [aKa]FedaYkin, showing some gameplay of the september 2013 OpenRA Dune2k release: VIDEO

Posted by Matt 29 May 2013 - High Resolution Patch

We are glad to announce that the high-res patch for the English 1.06 version of Dune 2000 is complete! After impressive development and testing, the patch has finally fixed all the known gameplay and/or UI bugs for the UK/US 1.06 version. Make sure you download it from here.
18 May 2013 - D2K_Hammerfest A new mission by [aKa]FedaYkin has been released. It is a mod-in-a-mission, as some units are changed. You fight for the noble Atreides, with a fully pre-constructed base without ConYards against the Harkonnens. You can check it out here

25 April 2013 - Fremen Campaign

Luminar has released an all new campaign for Dune 2000, where you play as a tribe of Fremen, pitted in the war for Arrakis. As the storm gathers, the great forces will clash. Lead the Western Fremen to victory.

Fremen Campaign 16 April 2013 - Map Renderer Released

I have released a reworking of the Map Renderer which has automatic tileset support and renders buildings and units in addition to just terrain and spice

Map Renderer 13 April 2013 - Audio Converter Released
I have released an all new converter for Westwood .AUD files - the Dune 2000 Audio Converter, This tool supports playing .AUD files as well as converting them to and from WAV audio.
11 April 2013 - D2K+ Modding Wiki

Introducing the new D2K+ Modding Wiki, where you can find file specifications for Dune 2000, information on modding it and share your own findings as part of a collaborative community effort to create exciting new mods for Dune 2000.

D2k Sardaukar has also released his version of the Dune 2000 logo font which you can download and use here, which is great if you want to create your own logos in the same font. 29 March 2013 - UI Table Editor Released

I have released a new version of the String Table Editor which now supports both Colours.UIB and Menus.UIB, as well as a search feature and a fix for loading .UIBs created by Siberian String Editor. Now that it supports editing not just the String Table, it has been rebranded to UI Table Editor

UI Table Editor 10 March 2013 - Emperor Mission

Shai-Gel98 has created his first mod for Dune 2000. It's a single mission where you play as the Imperial House Corrino and pits you against the three Great Houses contesting control of Arrakis, the Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos.

Emperor Mission 23 February 2013 - New H9V2 Mission

Hawker has created a new harder version of H9V2 called The Hard Day. To win control of Arrakis, you must destroy the combined forces of the Imperial House Corrino, House Atreides as well as The Fremen and Mercenaries.

The Hard Day 09 January 2013 - All New Ixian Campaign

In an all new modification by [aKa]FedaYkin and Galaxy, take control of House Ix. The Ixians are leaders in technology in the Imperium and have joined the battle to conquer Arrakis. In this completely new campaign, players for the first time see and play as the Ixians.

Ixian Campaign 27 December 2012 - Three New Vid Tutorials [aKa]FedaYkin has released three new video tutorials for modding Dune 2000, there are now seven in his series of videos. You can check them out here:

D2K+ Mission Editor Tutorial 5 - Reinforcements when specific building is killed
Dune2000 Mission Editor Tutorial 6 - Reveal Map
D2K+ Map & Mission Editor Tutorial 7 - How to play your maps?

And the complete series of tutorials can be found here.

17 November 2012 - Smugglers Campaign Released and New Vid Tutorials Rick Vorstenbosch has released the second sub-house campaign for Dune 2000. It's a campaign for the Smugglers. It's a full set of new missions and maps and like Feda's Mercenary mod also features the Ixians and Spacing Guild as well as the other houses. Download it here.

[aKa]FedaYkin has also released two new video tutorials for modding Dune 2000, bringing the total to four. You can check them out here:

D2K+ Tut 3 - Setting Up Text Messages
D2K+ Tut 4 - Exporting + Importing AI
19 August 2012 - Mercenary Campaign Released [aKa]FedaYkin has been at it again. He has now released the first sub-house campaign for Dune 2000, allowing you to play as the Mercenaries for the first time ever. His campaign also introduces two new sides - House Ix and The Spacing Guild. It's a full set of new missions and maps. Download it here. 10 August 2012 - Video Tutorials for D2K+ Toolkit [aKa]FedaYkin who created the all new Atreides campaign and the multiplayer allied mod has started creating video tutorials to explain how to use the D2K+ Toolkit. His first two videos cover using the map editor and the mission editor. If you want to get started modding Dune 2000 this is a fantastic place to start!

D2K+ Tut 1 - Reinforcements & Basic Stuff
D2K+ Tut 2 - Enabling AI, Tileset, Index Allocations, Timers
10 Feb 2012 - New Domain & Videos We've now added a page featuring Shaokhan's Youtube videos, which include videos of the three house's missions on both easy and hard difficulties. In addition he has both skirmish and multiplayer videos there too. So if you ever can't remember which mission a particular level was or are interested to see how someone else plays, check it out.

The site has now moved to a new dedicated domain which you'll see in your URL bar at the top. D2KPLUS.COM. This is the new location of the site, but don't worry about old links being broken, all old links will redirect invisibly to this new location. That works on direct file and image links too, so there won't be any 404 File Not Found errors from the move. 26 Jan 2012 - Skorocel Mission Remakes and Tool Added Added a mod by Skorocel remaking three of the original missions.

Also, added a new tool for playing, importing and exporting the game's sound effects 11 Jan 2012 - Two Patches Added Added a patch by Cugo that allows players to use UDP instead of IPX for LAN and Hamachi matches.

Also added a new patch by CCHyper and myself (mvi) that allows mods which have the player play as a sub house with unit control (something which would previously crash the game when you selected a unit.) 02 Jan 2012 - More Mods Added I have added a new modification by [aKa]FedaYkin and Iheb96 to the site. It is an all new Atreides campaign.

I have also added a new modification - Mulciber Valley by myself (mvi) to the site. It's a single mission replacement for A1V1 and explores quite an interesting scenario involving repeated death-hand missiles. In addition I've added the mission select mod I wrote some time ago which allows players to easily jump to the mission of their choice. 29 Dec 2011 - Allied Mod Added I have added a new modification by [aKa]FedaYkin to the site. It supports default side alliances for use in practice and multiplayer matches. This means that gameplay can be more scenario oriented, by encouraging sides to group together against each other. 23 Dec 2011 - D2K+ Expansion As of December 2011, this site is expanding to include not just the D2K+ Toolkit, but also all new modifications. If you would like your modification or tool added to the site please email [email protected] About D2K+ D2K+ is a new site dedicated to modding Westwood's classic RTS Dune 2000. It supports the development of both new tools and community modifications of the game. D2K+ is also the developer of the D2K+ Toolkit, a brand new set of tools for modifying Dune 2000 facilitating an unprecedented level of modification (especially in single player campaigns). The D2K+ Toolkit Project The D2K+ Toolkit is a project devoted to reverse engineering Dune 2000 files and creating tools to allow editing of these files. The ultimate goal is to kickstart the Dune 2000 modding scene and create a new lease of life for a classic RTS in the form of user-created modifications.

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