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EBFD: Final Assault

Mod Type: Mission Mod

Author: Cm_Blast

A group of three maps, one per main faction, heavily inspired on the final mission from the Emperor, Battle for Dune game. The three maps are the same but the player can control Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos, being given slightly different starting units and the enemy bases will also change slightly.

Story: The Emperor worm it’s about to awake. Kill him before it’s too late!

The design of the map, the enemy’s bases and events that happens during the game it’s taken directly from the Emperor game to be as close as the original possible, including an Emperor Worm (Construction Yard) that have much more Health than the traditional Construction Yard.

Note: To play this map it’s needed to overwrite with all the files provided. It will give to the enemies some new units, like a Contaminator that can kill infantry on 1 hit, the leecher and the Tleilaxu Turret. The player it’s given Fremen and Sardaukar with new requirements and also the Spacing guild will use two secret new units. without those changes, the game will end the first second you start the map.
Warning: overwriting the original game files with mine will overwrite the original values and you game will change forever. It is added the vanilla files as back up to recuperate the original state after you finish played the map.

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