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IX – The Technology is ours

  ix-2 ix-3 ix-1

Mod Type: Mission Mod

Author: Cm_Blast

PLOT: Ix have been researching strong weapons to Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen. Now they are planning to use that weaponry to conquer Arrakis. The three of them, feared by that technology join their forces creating a base in common. _IMPORTANT: “Templates.bin” is required in order to give IX (the player) a new variant of a Combat Tank and a stronger Stealth Raider among other changes. A back_Up with the original templates is added to be able to recover the original state after playing the single mission.

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Download IX- The Technology is ours (249 downloads)

EBFD Ancient Rivalries

Ancient Rivalries 02 Ancient Rivalries 03 Ancient Rivalries 01

Mod Type: Mission Replacement

Author: Cm_Blast

Based in the style of the game “Dune Emperor, the Battle for Dune”, this mission features: – A MCV in the sand needing the player to search an area to deploy it. – A subplot which the player may interfere (or not). – Periodical reinforcements for both player. – The enemy building a base on his own. Notes: Is included three version of the same mission. Easy, normal and hard (all should be played in “normal difficulty”). Easy will have less spawning enemies and more reinforcements for the player; in Hard is the opposite. Choose one depending of your own skill level.

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Download EBFD Ancient Rivalries (253 downloads)

Special Skirmish

Special Skirmish 1 Special Skirmish 2 Special Skirmish 3

Mod Type: Mission Replacement

Author: Cm_Blast

“Special Skirmish” is a single map (is played as any other single map; not using “practice”, “Skirmish”, “online”,…) which the player is given a random objective (every time you start the game the player to defeat may change). As a regular practice/skirmish every player is given a MCV, 7000 credits and 10 units in a 5 tech battle with 6 players. The AI don’t have any advantage besides being allied each other. Note: For this single map a “Colour.bin” file is include. Overwrite the original to swap the palettes, making the Harkonnen being blue, the ordos Purple… (thus this way feels like an original practice map). read my “warning.txt” file for more information.

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Download Special Skirmish (222 downloads)

Tleilaxu Plague

Tleilaxu Plague 2 Tleilaxu Plague 3 Tleilaxu Plague 1

Mod Type: Modded Mission

Author: Cm_Blast

The Tleilaxu, with the Spacing Guild help, arrives to arrakis to dominate through their specialty: The Ghola (clones from dead people who keep their memories and any skill or training they had when were still alive). The Emperor tried to fight them sending Sardaukar before, but fail. Now, he has another chance, helped by the weapons of every single faction in Arrakis. Using this combined Army the Emperor hopes to stop the Ghola threat.

Download Updated to Version 1.1. Changes:

  • Fix: Due to a mistake, the enemies were not receiving replacements for their harvesters.

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Download Tleilaxu Plague (316 downloads)

Skorocel Remakes


Mod Type: Campaign mission replacement (3 missions)
Author: Skorocel

Feature Set:

  • You’ll have to face some new enemies like Fremen or Smugglers, and in general, these levels are much harder to beat especially if you play them on HARD difficulty setting. Just copy the .mis & .map files in the mission folder (don’t forget to make a backup of the original ones, of course) & enjoy!

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Download Skorocel Remakes (1268 downloads)

Skirmish Mission

Mod Type: New Campaign Mission (Harkonnen)
Author: [aKa]FedaYkin
This is a challenging Skirmish (Multiplayer Practice) style mission, but working as a campaign mission – so more like a scenario.

The AI is pretty challenging, you will find yourself overwhelmed by masses of units. I had lots of trouble with it on medium and probably wouldn’t be able to pass it on hard. Feel free to use the different difficulty settings to suit your tastes.

You start off with 3 Wind Traps, 1 Barracks and 1 Construction Yard on top middle (Habbanya Erg starting spot). You also have some gun turrets to help you out, but they won’t do magic so you’d better prepare an army quick. You have decent starting units + some reinforcements early in the game, but thats all the free firepower you are going to get, so use it wisely as an initial defence until you manage to build up enough units.

The AI is expanded to 4 spots, the bottom ones + the middle expansion, but there are 3 spots where you can expand without having to destroy enemy bases (expansion will be needed later as you’ll run out of spice without). The closest expansion spot to you (top right) has a few neutral structures, lightly defended, that can be captured. If you have a look, they are an Atreides High tech Factory (for airstrike) and an Atreides Heavy Factory (for sonic tanks). If you manage to capture those before the AI destroys them (AI is set to neutral to these as well, but it can turn hostile at any time) then you will be able to build those goodies, but I personally don’t recommend making a primary objective of this, let it for later when you already have a steady cash flow and impressive army.

Installation instructions:

The .zip file contains 4 files, but only 2 are needed to play the mission.
a) there are and _H8V2.mis, you can use these 2 if you have the Mission Select mod. That way, you can select Harkonnen mission 8 version 2 and you won’t need to replace any existing mission, as there is no H8V2 (not even in custom-made missions).
b) and _H8V1.mis – in case you don’t have the Mission Select Mod, you can paste these 2 then load up Harkonnen Mission 8. The first method is recommended though.

To install the mission, simply place 2 of the files above in the missions folder of Dune 2000.

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Download Skirmish Mission (862 downloads)

Multiplayer Allied Mod


Mod Type: Multiplayer mission replacement
Author: [aKa]FedaYkin

Feature Set:

  • Supports players having default allied diplomacy. (Both human and AI, in practice and multiplayer).
  • Installation readme included.
  • As of 1.2 now also includes a patch allowing 8 player multiplayer
  • As of 1.3 it also includes the color mod which adds the 2 unplayable colors of fremen and Ix/sandworm, grey and light brown, created by Horace Lucas

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Download Multiplayer Allied Mod V1.3 (2899 downloads)

Mulciber Valley Mod


Mod Type: Single mission replacement (Atreides 1V1)

Author: MVI


The Harkonnen have built a new death hand missile base. The main entrance to the base is protected by continuous detonations of death hand missiles. Use infantry, enter the secondary infantry entrance and destroy the Harkonnen outpost that is guiding the missiles. Once the enemy outpost is destroyed the way will be opened for our forces to smash the Harkonnens. Note, the infantry entrance is well guarded and is in close proximity to a secondary Harkonnen base.

Mission Success Requirements:

Destroy all Harkonnen buildings and units.

To install:

Download and unzip the files, copy and replace A1V1.MAP and _A1V1.MIS in your Dune missions directory with the files from the zip.

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Download Mulciber Valley (1025 downloads)

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