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Map and Mission Editor Version 1.3

Klofkac has released an update for his Map and Mission Editor, this time reaching version 1.3.


Fixed: Size preset buttons in Tileset window were off by one position
Added: Find object feature
Changed: Some options (i.e. Show grid) are now toggle buttons below minimap instead of Settings menu items
Removed: Draw concrete option (now is always on)
Added: Play Sound event: now provides dropdown list of sound names (loaded from "samples.uib")
Added: Play Music event: now provides dropdown list of music names (list of existing .AUD files in "Data\Music" folder)
Fixed: Set Attack Building Rate event: value is named "Arrack rate" instead of "Unknown" 
Fixed: Casualties condition: "Flags?" value renamed to "Proportion" and changed to floating-point number type
Added: When temporary "TESTMAP.MAP" file is saved, the map name in ini file is renamed to "TESTMAP" 
       in order to avoid duplicate entry in mission launcher
Added: Open recent files feature
Fixed: Editing marker (i.e. building marker, current block) not showing when Mission settings or Events/Conditions 
       window is open and is on background or minimized
Added: "MissionsPath" setting in .ini file. It can be changed in case game loads maps/mission files from different location
Fixed: The UI components now should not be messed up on systems where scaling is set to different value than 100%
Added: Highlighting events having selected condition feature
Fixed: Program now checks, if window would appear off-screen (i.e. previously opened on second monitor which is now
       unplugged) and resets its position
Changed: Program now automatically loads all all .ini files placed into "tilesets" folder, instead of loading tileset list
         from "config\tilesets.ini". All tileset .ini files must now contain name of attributes file.
Added: Loading tileset images directly from game's internal .R8 and .r16 files
Removed: Editor is no longer distributed with tileset .bmp files
Fixed: Improved auto-detection of game folder, detection of missions stored under "Data\Missions" folder
Changed: Mission settings window should fit 1024 pixels wide resolution
Added: Tileset name and Attributes fields on Mission settings window
Added: Custom Text.uib field on Mission settings window (mission .ini file)
Added: Conditions can be organized by moving up and down (like events)
Added: Grid color setting and several more settings
Added: AI manual (written by Cm_blast)
Added: AI templates (created by Cm_blast)
Added: Information message upon start when starting program for the first time
Fixed: Some errors on BLOXBAT tileset configuration, added missing tiles to new "Sand stains" preset group
Added: README.txt file


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Tile Atribute Editor


Mod Type: Mod Tool

Author: Klofkac

A tool for editing TILEATR*.BIN files where tileset attributes are stored (they mean for example where vehicles or infantry can or cannot pass, where you can build etc).

Feature set:

  • Open both tileset image and TILEATRx.BIN file
  • Quick open feature
  • Tiles are marked with a color which is made of RGB combination of attributes they have.
  • Filter tiles by their attributes in several ways.
  • Copy attributes from a tile. Set attributes to single tile or multiple tiles at once. Add or remove selected attributes.
  • Check block preset coverage feature – it can help you with setting up block presets for custom tilesets.
  • Editor attributes

Additional attributes used only by the editor, not by the game. They tell the editor which tiles are for example sand or rock tiles and are used in Fill area and Auto-smooth rock/dunes edge feature. Modified TILEATRx.BIN files having these attributes are distributed with D2kEditor.

Virus Total Scan

Download Tile Atribute Editor v11 (713 downloads)

Sound Effect Tool


Mod Type: Mod Tool

Author: MVI

Feature Set:

  • Supports loading RS sound collections
  • Supports playing sounds in application
  • Supporting importing, exporting, deleting and replacing sounds
  • Note: This is a new tool and will be included in the next D2K+ Toolkit. Meanwhile you can download it from this page and run it separately.

Also Note: This is an Alpha release, it is unlikely to be stable and may suffer from bugs. I recommend you back up your mission files/installation before editing.

Download Sound Effect Tool Version 0.1 (Alpha) (1656 downloads)

UI Table Editor


Mod Type: Mod Tool

Author: MVI

Feature Set:

  • New in 0.3 Now supports editing Menus.UIB and Colours.UIB (in addition to the original support for Text.UIB and Samples.UIB)
  • New in 0.3 Now supports loading and automatically fixes .UIB files saved in Siberian String Table Editor
  • New in 0.3 Added Find feature
  • New in 0.3 Rebranded to UI Table Editor (originally String Table Editor)
  • New in 0.2 Displays indexes on the left (these indexes are also used in the mission editor for messages)
  • New in 0.2 Jump to a specific index, for easy navigation
  • Edit existing string table keys and values
  • Add and remove string table entriesPlease note: If you are still editing a box, the current contents will not be counted when you save. Hit enter to finish editing the current box before saving.

    Download UI Table Editor Version 0.3 (1777 downloads)

User Interface Layout Editor


Mod Type: Mod Tool

Author: MVI

Feature Set:

  • Converts UIL files to a text format that is easy to edit and converts back on save
  • Supports dragging of UIL files from explorer onto the editor
  • Tracks changes to prevent accidentally closing the program without savingEditing these files is not dissimilar from editing HTML, you will find some useful information in this topic

Please note: MainMenu.uil appears to have an incorrect entry count at the start which means it will not currently load or save correctly. Do not attempt to save over this file as you will merely break the file. This will be addressed in a future release


Download User Interface Layout Editor Version 0.1 (Alpha) (1106 downloads)

Tile Set Editor


Mod Type: Mod Tool

Author: MVI

Feature Set:

    • Supports loading and saving of both R8 and R16 tilesets
    • Supports exporting of tileset images for editing in picture editors like Photoshop or Paint.Net and importing the image back in
    • Automatic palette conversion for R8 images, when importing an image the closest palette colours are chosen.

Future Work Will Include:

  • Supporting editing of the associated TileSet data file (TILEATR*.BIN)Please note: This is an Alpha release, it is unlikely to be stable and may suffer from bugs. I recommend you back up your files/installation before editing.


Download Tile Set Editor Version 0.1 (Alpha) (1280 downloads)

Mission Editor


Mod Type: Mod Tool

Author: MVI

Feature Set:
* Supports editing tech levels, starting money, index allocations, diplomacy, tileset references and time limit
* Also supports modifying, adding and deleting of events, conditions and event-condition mappings
* Supporting AI segment exporting and importing (via new .misai files)
* As of 0.3 supports preset building types (as well as unit types since 0.1)

Future Work Will Include:
* Colored diplomacy icons for the three diplomacy types
* Support for unused event types, current build only works with event types present in the campaign mission files. However I believe there are a number of other event types that are possible, this will require more research as there are no working examples of how to use these event types present in the game’s mission files.

Special thanks to jbsplash, DaxxXyrax, Devasta and Gruntlord6.
Please note: This is an Alpha release, it is unlikely to be stable and may suffer from bugs. I recommend you back up your mission files/installation before editing.

You can also download a complete set of the game’s .MISAI files here.


Download Mission Editor Version 0.4 Alpha Preview (1588 downloads)


Download Mission Editor Version 0.3 Stable (1861 downloads)


Map Renderer


Mod Type: Mod Tool

Author: MVI

The Dune 2000 Map Renderer allows the user to load a map file and export a PNG image displaying its terrain, spice, buildings and starting units.

The Map Renderer is bundled with a folder containing PNG images of each tileset and will automatically pick the correct tileset image for a loaded map if there is a matching mission file at the same location as the map file. If you modify the game’s tileset or add a new one, you will need to make the corresponding changes to the tool’s tileset folder.

The map renderer is not intended to replicate the in-game look perfectly and there are some relatively unimportant differences in how the game and the Map Renderer display: walls do not perfectly align; spice has hard edges and buildings do not display the concrete beneath them.


Download Map Renderer (2157 downloads)

Map and Mission Editor


Author: Klofkac

Dune 2000 Map editor for both Campaign and Multiplayer maps as well as Mission (.mis file) editor.
The editor provides many useful features which can significantly help you and speed up the mapping.

Map Editing Features:

  • You can edit terrain as well as place structures (buildings and units) on a map.
  • Tileset is auto-detected from .mis file. You can also load custom tilesets.
  • Resizing and shifting map
  • Save map as image feature
  • Show Grid, Mark impassable/buildable tiles, Show unknown specials feature
  • Show event markers feature: Events (like Reinforcements) are marked on a map and can be moved
  • Power is calculated and shown for selected side
  • Map statistics (number of each type of building/unit for each side on a map)
  • Test map feature (supported by FunkyFr3sh’s Dune 2000 Patch). Works only with Missions.
  • You can place any building or unit type for any side (for example Harkonnen palace for Atreides). In order to use this feature in game, you must copy the file config/TILEDATA.BIN into your Dune2000/Data/bin folder.

Map Editing Options:

  • Paint mode: Paint sand/rock/dunes/spice with custom brush size up to 4×4
  • Block mode: Place tile blocks. You can select a block directly from tileset or select a block preset from several available groups.
  • Select mode: You can select any area on a map and put it to another place. With Copy/Paste you can transfer the area into other map via clipboard.
  • Undo & Redo feature – Fill area feature: You can flood-fill an enclosed area with sand, rock, dunes or spice.
  • Auto-smooth rock/dunes edge feature: The editor can automatically turn the bordering tiles of rock or dunes area you paint into rock-sand or dunes-sand transition tiles just with one click. – Block key-presets: You can press a key on keyboard to instantly select particular block preset from selected group. This makes creating of cliffs much easier and faster.

Mission Editing Features:

  • – Editing mission properties (tech levels, starting money, AI), events and conditions
  • Support for map .ini file features (supported by FunkyFr3sh’s Dune 2000 Patch and Mission launcher)
  • custom text strings and briefing without editing TEXT.UIB, mission rules
  • AI editor (all known AI values) – Event editor provides detailed tabular overview of all events, event properties and conditions
  • Events can be easily manipulated (move up/down, insert, delete, duplicate event etc.)
  • Create common events feature: You can quickly create commonly used event chains like Harvester replacement
  • Automatically adding a Flag condition to make an event run only once
  • Event and condition notes. You can give a name to Flag condition.
  • Setting reinforcement (and other events) position by clicking into map or moving event markers in map editor
  • Keyboard shortcuts for editing events/conditions faster

Other Features:

  • Support for custom tilesets. You can configure many things (like minimap colors, block presets) by editing tileset ini file and editor attributes in TILEATRx.BIN file.


Virus Total Scan

Download Map and Mission Editor 1.3 (4289 downloads)

Audio Converter


Tool for playing and converting Westwood .AUD audio.

Feature Set:

  • Supports loading an AUD and playing it.
  • Supports exporting AUD to WAV file
  • Supports replacing AUD contents from WAV fil
  • Supports saving AUD file with new WAV contents
  • Supports shortcuts (Ctrl-O, Ctrl-S, Ctrl-P, Ctrl-E, Ctrl-R)
  • Supports AUD files being dragged onto the EXE icon.
  • Supports AUD files being dragged onto the open window.

Download Audio Converter (1799 downloads)

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