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Map and Mission Editor

Author: Klofkac

Dune 2000 Map editor for both Campaign and Multiplayer maps as well as Mission (.mis file) editor.
The editor provides many useful features which can significantly help you and speed up the mapping.

Map Editing Features:

  • You can edit terrain as well as place structures (buildings and units) on a map.
  • Tileset is auto-detected from .mis file. You can also load custom tilesets.
  • Resizing and shifting map
  • Save map as image feature
  • Show Grid, Mark impassable/buildable tiles, Show unknown specials feature
  • Show event markers feature: Events (like Reinforcements) are marked on a map and can be moved
  • Power is calculated and shown for selected side
  • Map statistics (number of each type of building/unit for each side on a map)
  • Test map feature (supported by FunkyFr3sh’s Dune 2000 Patch). Works only with Missions.
  • You can place any building or unit type for any side (for example Harkonnen palace for Atreides). In order to use this feature in game, you must copy the file config/TILEDATA.BIN into your Dune2000/Data/bin folder.

Map Editing Options:

  • Paint mode: Paint sand/rock/dunes/spice with custom brush size up to 4×4
  • Block mode: Place tile blocks. You can select a block directly from tileset or select a block preset from several available groups.
  • Select mode: You can select any area on a map and put it to another place. With Copy/Paste you can transfer the area into other map via clipboard.
  • Undo & Redo feature – Fill area feature: You can flood-fill an enclosed area with sand, rock, dunes or spice.
  • Auto-smooth rock/dunes edge feature: The editor can automatically turn the bordering tiles of rock or dunes area you paint into rock-sand or dunes-sand transition tiles just with one click. – Block key-presets: You can press a key on keyboard to instantly select particular block preset from selected group. This makes creating of cliffs much easier and faster.

Mission Editing Features:

  • – Editing mission properties (tech levels, starting money, AI), events and conditions
  • Support for map .ini file features (supported by FunkyFr3sh’s Dune 2000 Patch and Mission launcher)
  • custom text strings and briefing without editing TEXT.UIB, mission rules
  • AI editor (all known AI values) – Event editor provides detailed tabular overview of all events, event properties and conditions
  • Events can be easily manipulated (move up/down, insert, delete, duplicate event etc.)
  • Create common events feature: You can quickly create commonly used event chains like Harvester replacement
  • Automatically adding a Flag condition to make an event run only once
  • Event and condition notes. You can give a name to Flag condition.
  • Setting reinforcement (and other events) position by clicking into map or moving event markers in map editor
  • Keyboard shortcuts for editing events/conditions faster

Other Features:

  • Support for custom tilesets. You can configure many things (like minimap colors, block presets) by editing tileset ini file and editor attributes in TILEATRx.BIN file.


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