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About D2K+

The D2K+ website was created in 2011 by mvi as a central location to store and easily find mod tools and mods. In 2013 [aKa]FedaYkin became an administrator and is now in charge of site updates, and Gruntlord6 has joined as an administrator on the new modding wiki. MVI has since handed over management of the site to Gruntlord6 in order to focus on real life, but will remain a part of the team.

Every month there are almost 1000 downloads on D2K+. Check out our statistics page to see how often mods we host are downloaded. All files are screened by an admin and scanned with virus total to verify that they are high quality and free of malware and viruses. The website is secured by Securi and SSL encryption is used to verify you are connecting to the site securely.

If you have created a mod, such as a custom campaign or a modding tool, then adding it to D2K+ website is a great way to share it with the world. If you would like to add your mod to D2K+ please submit it here.

D2K+ is run entirely advertisement free. If you wish to donate to D2K+, you can do so by sending bitcoin to the following address: “1E4igsJ5q48ahLWXrAUJJLHTgCuJDRMaeL” or through paypal using the donate button in the footer of this page.