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Mod Author: N.Kindt
High Resolution Patch


Author: N.Kindt, D2K Sardaukar and MVI
Please read the readme files carefully, and also the notes below.

The patch is finally ready, and the bugs like crashes in starport menu are gone now. You can finally play Dune 2000 in hi-res, which makes selecting units and pending to the map a lot easier. Please note: in order to get both the sub-houses fix and the mission select mod working with the script, you should install both BEFORE you apply the high-res patch. It is also advised (according to the readme) to install the patch on a fresh copy of Dune 2000, without old hi-res patches or unfinished mods. The vanilla (original CD) version of Dune 2000 and the patched-for-multiplayer version (with Windows 7 fixes & IPX fixes) are supported. As of 1.4.0 there is also support for undoing the patch.

Update: 1.4.1 is now available, which adds acceptable 8-bit support.

Editor Note: Please note that this does not work with the CnCNet patch or the GruntMods Edition, as they use a newer incompatible version of the patching framework, which includes a newer version of the High Resolution patch that works with online multiplayer.

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  Download Hi-Res Patch v. 1.4.1 - New Improved Version (128853 downloads )

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Download Hi-Res Patch v. 1.4.0 - Older Version (21217 downloads )