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Mission Editor


Mod Type: Mod Tool

Author: MVI

Feature Set:
* Supports editing tech levels, starting money, index allocations, diplomacy, tileset references and time limit
* Also supports modifying, adding and deleting of events, conditions and event-condition mappings
* Supporting AI segment exporting and importing (via new .misai files)
* As of 0.3 supports preset building types (as well as unit types since 0.1)

Future Work Will Include:
* Colored diplomacy icons for the three diplomacy types
* Support for unused event types, current build only works with event types present in the campaign mission files. However I believe there are a number of other event types that are possible, this will require more research as there are no working examples of how to use these event types present in the game’s mission files.

Special thanks to jbsplash, DaxxXyrax, Devasta and Gruntlord6.
Please note: This is an Alpha release, it is unlikely to be stable and may suffer from bugs. I recommend you back up your mission files/installation before editing.

You can also download a complete set of the game’s .MISAI files here.


Download Mission Editor Version 0.4 Alpha Preview (4732 downloads )


Download Mission Editor Version 0.3 Stable (4922 downloads )