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UI Table Editor


Mod Type: Mod Tool

Author: MVI

Feature Set:

  • New in 0.3 Now supports editing Menus.UIB and Colours.UIB (in addition to the original support for Text.UIB and Samples.UIB)
  • New in 0.3 Now supports loading and automatically fixes .UIB files saved in Siberian String Table Editor
  • New in 0.3 Added Find feature
  • New in 0.3 Rebranded to UI Table Editor (originally String Table Editor)
  • New in 0.2 Displays indexes on the left (these indexes are also used in the mission editor for messages)
  • New in 0.2 Jump to a specific index, for easy navigation
  • Edit existing string table keys and values
  • Add and remove string table entriesPlease note: If you are still editing a box, the current contents will not be counted when you save. Hit enter to finish editing the current box before saving.

    Download UI Table Editor Version 0.3 (4584 downloads )