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Build Queues Patch


Author: MVI

  • This patch introduces unit build queueing (like more modern RTS’s) in campaign and practice modes. Selecting an unavailable unit build option will queue that unit to build after the current unit(s) being built.
  • Built using the new Patching Framework, this patch also includes everything published to the central framework up to 4 Sept 2014 (such as the new High Res Patch, new Sub Houses Fix).
  • This patch is only for Dune 2000 version 1.06


Editor Note: Please note that this does not work with the CnCNet patch or the GruntMods Edition, as they use a newer incompatible version of the patching framework.

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Download Build Queues V1.0 for Dune 2000 1.06 (74288 downloads )