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Special Skirmish

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Mod Type: Mission Replacement

Author: Cm_Blast

“Special Skirmish” is a single map (is played as any other single map; not using “practice”, “Skirmish”, “online”,…) which the player is given a random objective (every time you start the game the player to defeat may change). As a regular practice/skirmish every player is given a MCV, 7000 credits and 10 units in a 5 tech battle with 6 players. The AI don’t have any advantage besides being allied each other. Note: For this single map a “Colour.bin” file is include. Overwrite the original to swap the palettes, making the Harkonnen being blue, the ordos Purple… (thus this way feels like an original practice map). read my “warning.txt” file for more information.

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