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Tile Atribute Editor


Mod Type: Mod Tool

Author: Klofkac

A tool for editing TILEATR*.BIN files where tileset attributes are stored (they mean for example where vehicles or infantry can or cannot pass, where you can build etc).

Feature set:

  • Open both tileset image and TILEATRx.BIN file
  • Quick open feature
  • Tiles are marked with a color which is made of RGB combination of attributes they have.
  • Filter tiles by their attributes in several ways.
  • Copy attributes from a tile. Set attributes to single tile or multiple tiles at once. Add or remove selected attributes.
  • Check block preset coverage feature – it can help you with setting up block presets for custom tilesets.
  • Editor attributes

Additional attributes used only by the editor, not by the game. They tell the editor which tiles are for example sand or rock tiles and are used in Fill area and Auto-smooth rock/dunes edge feature. Modified TILEATRx.BIN files having these attributes are distributed with D2kEditor.

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Download Tile Atribute Editor v11 (3716 downloads )