The Home of Dune 2000 Modding

Mod Requirements

In order for a mod to be accepted, it must meet a list of requirements.

  • The mod must have an adequate description, if people cannot determine what your mod does by reading the basic description on the download page, it isn’t going to convince them to download your mod. A detailed readme should also be included in the mod package, along with a method of contact so that players can contact you in the event they have an issue with your mod, as well as any known issues and workarounds.
  • Images of your mod must be submitted. A picture speaks a thousand words, and the first thing someone will want to see is what visual changes your mod will bring to the game, such as new menus or missions. At least 1 image is required, but having multiple is recommended.
  • The mod needs to be submitted inside of a zip file, preferably in the same structure as the game itself, so that the user can copy the files easily to the game directory. At the very least, the mod needs to be packaged in a sensible way that the user can figure out. Your readme should detail any steps the user needs to take to install the mod. Your images should also be inside of this file so the player can view the mod before they install it. Having your images inside the zip will also allow us to add them to the download page.

All mods are screened to see if they meet these requirements. In addition, mods are also tested to ensure that they work as described and are scanned to ensure they are virus and malware free. Make sure your mod meets the above standards, and it should be accepted without any issues!